Natural Nail Services

All of my implements are hospital grade sterilized. My pedicures are performed in a pedicure spa that has client controlled seat recline and massage settings. Your pedicure is done in a private dimly lit room with relaxation music. Enjoy great nail care from a licensed professional.


All manicures are waterless to prevent nail breakage. Aromatheraputic steamed towels are used to promote relaxation during the hand massage.


Includes cuticle care and a hydrating massage of the hands and wrists.


Includes everything in the essential, plus a mineral exfoliation and pressurized massage of the hands and arms.  


Soyaffin -$20

Buff and Polish Change-$20

Nail Trimming-$15

French Polish-$5

Nail Art- $5 and up per nail

Nail Repairs- $2 per nail

UV Topcoat- $5  



Includes a stimulating antibacterial foot soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, removal of rough skin, and an extensive massage of the feet and ankles.


Includes everything in the essential plus a hydrating foot mask that is great for cracked heels, a relaxing massage up to the knee with an aroma-therapeutic foot balm.  

Hot Rock-$65

This is a great pedicure for you massage lovers. Warm basalt rocks are used to massage the lower legs and feet. This pedicure will make you float out of the spa.

Mini Pedicure-$35

The very basic. Nail cutting and shaping, plus light removal of rough skin.